"I can honestly say that Barry's reading brought a depth and richness of understanding to my life patterns that I had found nowhere else. It went beyond any reading I have had in all my years of teaching and study. It was as though all the individual pieces of my life were coming together to be strung like beads to create a whole and clear progression. Barry is not only brilliant, but he is also compassionate, sensitive and loving. I highly recommend him and his readings."
~ Lynda Austin, Intuitive Life Coach, Minnesota

“Barry’s Vedic reading was the most accurate and profound reading I have ever experienced. He answered life-long questions within a matter of hours that have now brought a sense of peace and direction into my life that was once confused and in need of clarity. Truly a blessing to have such a master of astrology available. This man is amazing.”
~ Jaden Silva, Webmaster, Oakland

"Barry's Vedic astrology reading was the most in-depth and insightful information I have ever received from a professional. (And I am no novice at seeking advice).  Not only did I leave with more self-understanding but I also felt better equipped to handle my life. Additionally, his information left me with more kindness towards myself and my situation. It was a very powerful experience and I felt Barry to be a true master.  His reading was a beacon of hope. Barry has a deep sensitivity and a clear psychological understanding which compliments his readings! I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone."     
~ Dana Zed, artist, Oakland CA 

Barry Friedman is a master astrologer and intuitive perceiver. I have been astounded by his ability to synthesize the information in my chart into a clear, personal and highly accurate message. His wealth of knowledge and experance are clear from the first moment together, and his followup and service are unparalleled.
~ John Michael Schert, Artist and Social Entrepeneur, Boise, ID

Barry is a wonderful, gifted and empathic Vedic astrologer. I had been to someone else before him and there is no comparison. His insights were spot-on and he offered practical advice, which is what I was seeking. Furthermore, besides doing my chart and giving me a comprehensive reading, he was careful to explain some of the more important nuances of my chart and how this has impacted my life. Without any hesitation I can say that Barry is a stellar astrologer. He is an amazing human being and I feel privileged to have met him. I absolutely will return for future services and though my reading was just today, I look forward to the next time I see him. He is truly a beautiful human being and very knowledgeable. Thank you Barry.
~ Alexandra Saunders, business owner, San Francisco

Commitment, intuition, scholarship and relentless practice have collected together in a remarkable way to form this wise man who not only thoroughly gets Vedic astrology but can totally offer it too.  Barry dived to the depths of my Vedic chart and on his return gently placed into my cupped hands the many pearls that he had found.
~ Andrew Dodd, Writer, New York

Barry's Vedic astrology readings were recommended to me by a friend, and I went for my first session several years ago. It was an enlightening experiance having my chart read through the Hindu System. I have had my chart read several times through the western system and found the Vedic system more powerful, archetypal and extemely relevent to all the areas of one's life. His reading validated my experience, both past and present, and gave me perspective, hope and enthusiasm about my future.
Barry is also a psychotherapist and his style of communication is clear, supportive and sophisticated psychologically If you're searching for a skillful astrology reading and delightful experience, I recommend yuou contact Barry for an appointment.
~ Pam Flowerday, Intuitive Channel and Bodyworker, Alameda, CA

This Vedic astrologer is amazing. Unlike other Western astrology readings which "kind of" make sense, it seemed as if he had known me all my life. He spoke with clarity, unrelenting insight and deep understanding. Barry approached my reading in a systematic way, answered all my questions in depth and brought illumination to several areas of my life in which I was struggling. He is definitely a master at his trade and I highly recommend him.
~ Cynthia Pounds, Ayurvedic Specialist, Nevada City, CA

I've studied Western astrology and had several readings during my life. I recently delved into Vedic astrology, so when a therapist recommended I contact Barry I didn't hesitate. I can safely say that no astrologer, or therapist for that matter, has come close to the insight, depth and wisdom I received from my time with Barry. He honed in on the exact factors I've dealt with. He illuminated connections within myself and with significant others which I'd never seen, or at least never verbalized. I've listened to Barry's recordings of my readings several times, because each listening yields new information. His service has been invaluable in helping me to navigate a deep crisis. Through his work, I've begun to see the path ahead in a new light. If you're seeking your truths, turn to Barry.
~ George Winborn, Designer and Writer, Portland, OR

One of the most helpful readings I've ever had. Barry was very clear, compassionate and insightful and his interpretation of my chart validated some life experiences that had been troubling for me. Western astrology gives a very different picture and I found Barry's Vedic astrology interpretation much more accurate.
~ Brianna R., Mill Valley, CA

I had a very powerful, personally useful and moving Vedic astrology reading from Barry. What struck me most is Barry's depth and his passion for the work. His reading was thorough, subtle and complex. it was multi-dimensional expounding on various aspects of my life. Barry's professionalism, combined with his ease, struck just the right chord with me. We sat on comfortable cushions on the floor, drinking tea amidst beautiful and sacred art. I recommend him most highly.
~ Jim Fishman, Psychotherapist, San Francisco

What an extraordinary experience! Barry has an uncanny ability to zero in on the major influences that have been affecting the chapters of my life. I was astonished by his accuracy and insight. He has the wisdom and experience to advise clearly and compassionately. I have found none wiser than Barry as an intuitive consultant.
~Sterling Pounds, Pharmaceutical Quality Systems Director

Barry is a uniquely gifted astrologer. I have had a lot of readings in my lifetime, but this was very different because it felt deeper and clearer. In particular, I felt like I had actions I could take to remedy some of my ongoing challenges, which was exactly what I was looking for. Barry also has great warmth and empathy, and it is obvious that he is doing what he was meant to do by helping others and gifting them with his wisdom and insight. I'm very appreciative and I will be back.
~ Karlin Sloan, CEO in Sebastopol, CA

When special times or events occur in life I would have an astrology reading done. Turning 80 was such a time. Upon recommendation from a friend, I contacted Barry. This reading was the most helpful I had ever had. His explanation of the chart was very clear and insightful. Particularly helpful was that his presentation of the challenges that I would be facing was done in a manner that was forthright, with ample time for questions and clarification, and he presented his thoughts and ideas in a positive manner as to how these challenges could be met. The reading left me with encouragement and enthusiasm, which still remains, to live life fully and with awareness. The reading was done over the phone and was as effective for me as a personal meeting.
~ Lois Leverone, Religious

"Truly astonishing. He has given the most in-depth and accurate readings I have ever experienced."
~ William Turner, computer consultant, Portland OR

"The man is brilliant and grounded, and has a way of describing your life in realistic terms but also from a larger perspective. Barry had remarkable insight into my life. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to have their chart done."
~ Phil Tecau, psychotherapist, Oakland CA

"I’ve been consulting with Barry for 15 years.  He’s the best."
~ Jeffrey Kessler, martial arts teacher, Oakland CA


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